April 6, 2009

i went to merrillville this weekend with tim and anthony. it was fun to get away but the trip back was pretty long and weird things kept happening. boo and i are reunited (and it feels so good!)

that poem that i wrote ended up being praised by my professor as the best poem handed in!
it made me feel as though all of that spilled emotion the night before was worth it.
i guess it is worth it to illustrate your feelings because others will appreciate it in the end.

i am meeting with a professor from last quarter to try and swing a grade change and then classes all day and then i'm going to the welcome house of northern kentucky to discuss what i'll be doing for volunteer work. my classes this quarter are fabulous except for one difficult one which is still interesting. i'm supposed to graduate in 1 year?! 

and to those of you who do not reply to messages sent asking questions about things, get on it, okay? we can't wait around forever!

have an absolutely fabulous day!

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