March 31, 2009

i can still go there

i had a realization while in half-moon tonight at yoga.
i spent some time thinking and praying in the steam room afterwards
and came home knowing i had to write something for class 
i had to produce a poem although i could have brought in something old

my eyes are red and swollen because i have literally been sobbing
but i have a new piece that came out of this
and i rather like it, though it was painful to produce.
i'm willing to share it with you if you would like, (nathan) or whoever else.
but i'd rather email it to you as it is very personal. 

March 29, 2009

lately i have been doing things because they feel good not because they are right or wrong. i don't know why, but it is how it is. 

yesterday it felt like the thread that was through my heart was finally being tugged upward and it didn't feel good, it didn't hurt, but it was uncomfortable.

i don't know how else to say anything or how to not be awkward in social situations that include you. either way it is appropriate to say that if you were outta here, i don't know how i'd feel but maybe a little relieved. 

i believe in you
in your honesty in your eyes
even when i'm sloshing in the muck of my demise
a large part of me is always and forever tied to the lamplight
of your eyes

March 19, 2009

life i love you,
all is groovy

March 6, 2009

we laughed so much then we cried all night 
and you left your shoes in the tree with me 
i'll wear them to your house tonight 
magic in the air tonight
we slept on leaves on my drive all night
and you gave me no restime
nothing in this life for me tonight
but nothing ever seemed so bright