January 28, 2009

apparition in an empty room;

i seek ghosts in this old house with my mock-gold mirror
figures appear, i detect them out of the corner of my eye
they have your face, your shape
you were something to aspire to
or something to conquer
like those ancient wars-
in the east
where everyone is confused as to why they are fighting
but they continue until everyone is spitting up blood.

January 22, 2009

i heard you looking...

I read Mon Plaisir last night before bed and cried.

new years resolutions this year are still being sorted; they were never very concrete.
-push through things without hesitation
-go to every class. last year i skipped a lot.
-be on time to things, especially work.

i've been writing a little more now because there is something coming up.
two of my pieces are in this coming volume of milk money.
there will be a release party on january 30th at 7:30 at feralmade (4573 Hamilton Ave., 45223)
i'm doing a reading there.
there will be free beer and it will be good, so come and listen if you please.

i guess one of the biggest things i've realized lately is that "some things are best left unsaid" was the 2008 motto.
i grew up in a haunted house by the coast, fyi.

January 13, 2009

did i tell you?

you spoke to me last night and i don't think you even knew it.
i am an anchored tug boat.

i can't be anything more right now without a push.