December 27, 2008

i have seasonal depression- it's self diagnosed.
i'm not quite sure when this started, but it makes me wonder
because i feel so claustrophobic when its cold and rainy, snowy, or icy.
but when we lived in maine, i don't remember feeling this way.
which is bizarre because winters were 6 months long
and today is 70 degrees. and i feel okay. it's kind of gloomy.

i guess it doesn't really matter.
i don't want any sort of medicine
maybe one of those bright lights that is supposed to help.
or some company.

how do you feel?

December 10, 2008

a house is not a hotel.

i am transitioning and it's exciting.
i've channeled in some more creativity; the lack from before was causing a problem.
my boss and his wife are having a baby. how wonderful!
exam week is proving to be total destruction;
2 exams and 1 paper down. 2 more exams and 1 more paper to go. yikes.
plans for a 5 person tandem, a mansion [the brothel, shittlesworth, what have you]
i think the end of this year will be tame.

i will not be around here this time next year.