November 29, 2008

year of the cat

we dig holes and hide seeds
they break the surface weeks later
in each pocket--
treasures rest
all you ask is for an open window and a bowl of milk
you speak in a language i don't understand
and i am up late most nights-
trying to translate
i spell out sentences on my refrigerator
i investigate small scratching noises in the closet
each time coming to the conclusion that we have guests
living with us in our house
you learn to share your food, your space
and i do too as we have peaceful invaders with no ill intent

and when you sleep, i can hear you dreaming

November 23, 2008

wake up little eyes

wake up little eyes
Originally uploaded by mount olive
college is a problem
working 30 minutes away is a problem
having no motivation is a problem!

i've come so far, but college is seriously bummin' me out right now.