February 8, 2010

bird's nest

that picture was from when i didn't brush my hair for one whole summer.

February 4, 2010

i just want to see you underwater

i don't think my days ever felt like this before.

'doubletalk with me.'

i cut coupons
i skipped down my street
i pet a dog that was so excited it peed.

[and now for a new poem]...

i want to be a flickering fading flash
that you see from across the lake
and think me closer than reality
a lightning bug right before your nose

or perhaps a lamenting lighthouse
with a chipped pearl exterior-
calling out for someone else
while you pretend i am signaling your ship

i wish for more eloquence and burnt edges
i wish for paper cuts along pebbled shores
and my dumb little body pretzeled in pieces,
bound in seaweed.