July 31, 2008

my computer's hard drive died

literally. I lost everything i had.
my photography, my writings, my school stuff, my music.
there was no apparent reason, my mac's drive just self destructed.
I was really upset but now i'm not.
the repairs didn't cost anything and they gave me leopard for free.

although i lost a lot of my work. i feel liberated.
i haven't been as enthused about my recent work, and now its gone.
i'm going to make more art and just move on. maybe this helped to cleanse the palette

i've finally been able to figure out what my first poetry book will be titled.
and i think it's going to be big for me.

anyway, i've learned my lesson, i need to back things up.

i love you all,

1 comment:

katherine kellner said...

good girl! backing up is good!
and it can be a really good thing to just be able to start all over again.
and hey, you got leopard.