July 27, 2008

i think bone density is a conspiracy

i had a bad "family" day yesterday. mom and dad are out of town,
sister, aunt and grandma were there.
sister picks on me a lot and takes things too far.
after i left the house to go home, i stopped by to feed gigi's cats
i really haven't felt weird about that much
but today i did and i was upset. i guess i hate loose ends.
so either way, it was a rotten day which i don't have much of. but yesterday.. oh yeah it was.
chris is out of town too, which makes things more difficult, especially since he is mountain manning it up
which means i can't really get a hold of him. yikes.
Katherine and Jason, my dear dear friends had me over last night and were so understanding.
they even took me out for ice cream which really cheered me up and we played with poko the guinea pig
needless to say, my bad day was turned around because of such great friends.
when i'm around them and chris isn't there, it isn't a big deal because they don't pda, you know?
so it's really nice. i love them. i am so blessed.

I know God takes care of me no matter what, but he created friends to work through when things are bad.
I know God has created this friendship because i can see God in both of them.

i'm happy, okay?

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katherine kellner said...

:-D too bad Jason and I can't figure out what time church is... Sunday we woke up to go at 10:30 am... church is at 10:00. we didn't make it :)
i'm glad you came over, we were glad to have you over. we like friends. we like you :)
i'm still sad about your family thing... i just.. i hate how family can be. i wish it was all the 1950s picture that it never is.