December 27, 2008

i have seasonal depression- it's self diagnosed.
i'm not quite sure when this started, but it makes me wonder
because i feel so claustrophobic when its cold and rainy, snowy, or icy.
but when we lived in maine, i don't remember feeling this way.
which is bizarre because winters were 6 months long
and today is 70 degrees. and i feel okay. it's kind of gloomy.

i guess it doesn't really matter.
i don't want any sort of medicine
maybe one of those bright lights that is supposed to help.
or some company.

how do you feel?

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Bethany said...

Hey Becki-

I used to be depressed too, although I rarely admit that to many people. Anyways, I think that I already told you, but I'm always available to hang out if you want, and when I'm not doing homework-lol.